Saturday, July 27, 2013

Best of the Team Set - Expos

As you may or may not know, the 1991 Fleer set, like many sets produced by Fleer, has put the checklist together by team.  Cards 1 through 28?  Those are all A's.  Cards 681 to 708?  All Braves.

They also put all of the players for each team in alphabetical order.  This makes it really easy for me to find cards for any given post, since I don't have to really consult a checklist at all.  If I know what team they're on, just find the team in the binder, then figure out where his last name falls.

Anyways, this isn't totally relevant to today's post, but I just thought I'd lay it out there if there's anybody who wasn't aware of the Fleer checklist configuration.  Riveting stuff, I know.

Well, since each team is already organized into a "team set", it's been kinda fun to take a look at each card and choose which card I think is the best.  Usually you have to look for just the "standout" ones to do this, since the teams are scattered throughout the checklist.  But seeing a side by side comparison is much easier to do this.

If you search for "team sets" on eBay, the seller usually just chooses one or two of the best cards in the team set to "represent" the team.  So today's poll question is:

Which 1991 Fleer card is the BEST from the Expos team set?

* I will eventually be doing this for all the teams, but chose the Expos first for a number of reasons, chief of them being that since this is blog is still in its infancy, there aren't a lot of readers yet, and I'd like to save the "marquee" teams until I can get at least a few more followers, just for the sake of the voting.

Anyways, onto the cardboard!  I've chosen a few of the Expos to showcase, since showing the whole team wouldn't be effective, and might split a lot of votes.  Starting off with the Marquis Grissom at the top, you have the sharp looking red jerseys with the powder blue pants in the batting cage.  Grissom looks focused, hopefully more so than the guy in the background with his hands in his pants.

Next up, two marquee names for the early Expos, Tim Raines and Larry Walker.  I think I prefer the uniform that Raines is Rocking, but Walker might have a more interesting shot, as the ball appears to be very near his face.  Lost of guys looking on in the background as well.  Raines' last year in Montreal was in 1990, and makes an appearance in the Update set in his White Sox duds.

If pitchers are more your thing, here are three in a row.  Oil Can Boyd spent a year and a half with Montreal from '90-'91, going 16-14 with a 3.15 ERA for them over that stretch.  "El Presidente" Martinez was, of course, a stellar pitcher for them as well, leading the league in ERA and complete games in 1991.  Who is Drew Hall?  Just some guy with a cool looking baseball card.  He only played on year for the Expos, going 4-7 with a 5.09 ERA in 1990, his last in the majors.

Look at The Big Cat, Andres Galarraga.  He appears to be kicking up a cloud of dust, as well as a Mets player's butt.  Literally.  This likely would've made an interesting panoramic shot, as we will only be left wondering who the player laying on the ground is.  Plus, whose elbow is in the shot on the right?  Questions questions.  Maybe this is one of his 56 stolen bases during his eight years with the Expos.

What about defense?  Maybe you prefer cards that are flashing the leather.  It looks like Tim Wallach is taking some practice grounders in spring training, while Mike Aldrete is making everyone uncomfortable with his "ready" stance.  It might be that he's not used to playing on the infield, as this card has him listed as an outfielder, but he's sporting a big first baseman's mitt.  Aldrete played 28 games at first from '89-'90, compared to the 144 he spent in the outfield.  He played for the Padres and Indians in 1991.

Last but not least, the "pose in front of a mostly empty stadium" shot.  I can't imagine any of these winning, especially since there's three, so even if there were a few fans of these awkward shots, the votes might get split.  Still, I had to show each of them, because they are as unique and beautiful as snowflakes.  I'll let you fill in the blanks on the commentary for these ones, but I think that Scott Ruskin has the most flattering of the cards.

Well, there you have it!  The twelve contestants for the first "Best of the Team Set" Poll.  This may become a weekly thing, and I may come up with a better title for the poll.  Either way, please vote away!  Choose your two favorite, that way we can (hopefully) avoid any low scoring affairs.


  1. I believe the guy in the background with his hands in his pants is Hal McRae.

  2. Grissom and Galarraga. And if I tried to duplicate the Aldrete pose, I'd have to seek assistance getting up.