Monday, July 15, 2013

The Big Inning

Welcome to the 1991 Fleer set blog!  I can't believe that nobody has done this before.  It seems like most of the set blogs I've come across have been based on Topps sets.  And none of them even have yellow borders!  What's up with that?

Anyways, this is the first post.  Unlike most (or maybe all?) set blogs, this one won't start with #1 and go all the way to the end of the checklist.  For one thing, that'd be over seven hundred posts just to cover the base set, then include the Update set, plus some of the other inserts, and this might take years. Some people can do it that way (and do it well), but I'm not one of those people.

For another thing, when I see those posts, if it's not somebody I've heard of/am interested in, I just skip it.  The way that I'll be doing this set blog is... well, it'll be different.  I guess you'll just have to read it to see what it's like.

This won't be an everyday post-type of blog, but hopefully a couple of times a week, at the least.

Well, the first post is dedicated to my very first baseball card.  You may have read a similar post on my other blog All The Way To The Backstop..., wherein I mentioned that the very first pack of cards that I ever ripped was 1991 Fleer.  Of course, there were many cards in that pack, but the only one that I remember (and the one that I held onto the longest) was the card you see below:

Looks like the ball is hitting him in the gut.  Probably just a foul ball, though.  Not the greatest action shot in the world, although the disembodied glove is kinda cool.  Also, lots of fans watching the action (though a lot of them appear to not be paying a whole lot of attention.

I think the back of the card is what I remembered the most as a kid.  Something about Henry's sweet mustache really spoke to me.  The amount of stats on lots of Fleer cards from the late 80s/early 90s is pretty amusing to me.  Why would I ever want to know Cotto's stats from the 1980 season in Sarasota when he did't even make it to the majors until four years later?  Still, who am I to question the geniuses at Fleer?

Anyways, as far as the 1991 Fleer set goes, I love it.  I already have the base set completed, though there are still a few of the inserts that I need to track down.  As far as this particular card goes, I'd like to acquire as many of them as I can.  Can't you just imagine a binder full of Cotto's?  Sounds pretty awesome to me.  This is one of my all-time favorite cards, pretty much due to nostalgia, as I still couldn't really tell you a lot about Cotto's career off the top of my head.

Hope to be able to able to spread the love for 1991 Fleer all around the blogosphere.

1991 Fleer: the set so cool, you have to wear shades to look at it.


  1. LOVE IT!!! I'm ecstatic about this new blog and the subject matter -- can't wait to digest many more posts to come.

  2. Nothing like needing sunglasses to thumb through the old binder! haha

  3. You know, I hated this set at the time. But sometime in the past year I've completely turned around on the subject. Looking forward to following the action here.

  4. I always loved that Fleer had the minor league stats on the back. Not because I cared about the stats necessarily, but because I was always fascinated with figuring out where the ML teams had their minor league affiliates.

  5. As someone who is entertaining the idea of completing the 1991 Fleer set, I approve of this blog!

  6. Believe it or not, I haven't completed this set. Or maybe you do believe it.

  7. The other cool thing is you still have that first card! Wow!

  8. Love the idea!
    I already wrote a couple of posts about funny little details on some cards.
    Lets see your thoughts on the yellow set.

  9. It's like staring directly into the sun....

  10. Best of luck with the new blog! I'm sure it'll be a fun one. Like many collectors, I've got a love/hate relationship with the set. It's definitely a ballsy set, you gotta give them that!