Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best of the Set - Blue Jays

When I first started this blog, I wondered how it would impact my "blogging life".  As you may know, my main blog is All The Way To The Backstop... which focuses on the rest of my collection, and is heavily Padre influenced.  I post on there pretty frequently (almost daily, depending on the week), but I wasn't sure if another blog would fit into my schedule.

Well, after almost a whole month, of which I have posted eight times, I gotta say that it fits in pretty well.  Kind of nice to do some more relaxing posts and not feel the need to write all the time.

Anyways, onto another leisurely card post: Best of the Team Set #2 - Toronto Blue Jays

In case you're not aware of how this works, we're deciding which is the "best" card for each team set from 1991 Fleer, and you the voter determines the criteria.  Choose two of the players on the sidebar, most votes is our champion.

When baseball fans think of John Olerud, there are probably some that immediately think of the Blue Jays.  Others probably remember him more for the helmet that he wore while he was playing defense.  From what I've gathered, he was advised to wear it in college to avoid getting hit in the head (duh), which would've further complicated the brain hemorrhage and aneurysm that he suffered during a workout.  It then became a habit that he continued the rest of his career.  That may or may not be accurate.  Still, there is no denying there is a unique quality to all of Olerud's cards of him on defense.

Both the Felix and the Williams became finalists for their backgrounds.  With Junior, we have a few uniformed Jays and some spectators watching his follow through.  I almost didn't see his bat, which is almost hidden behind his right hand.  Current White Sox general manager Ken Williams' card is less cluttered, as we can see the makeup of the stadium in the background with fans watching from a bit further away.  Seems like a very relaxing portrait.

Didja know that Glenallen Hill likes to hustle?  I'm not talking about just a few lines of dirt on his uniform, but he also hustles so much that he sometimes loses his helmet on the base paths.  He doesn't hustle so much that he loses track of where the ball is, however, as he is looking to see if he can advance to the next bag or if he'll have to hold up.  For the longest time, I've alway thought that he was coming from second and pulling into third, but after taking a closer look at the seats in the background, they are most likely fans on the first base side, making him heading from first to second.

Gotta show a little love for the pitchers, here.  If you were one who thought "helmet" when you saw Olerud, you probably think "glasses" when you see Tom Henke.  While not as noticeable here, they are quite prominent on other cards.  Dude was also a pretty imposing 6'5", so I can't imagine that you would be making fun of him unless you were buddies.  Stottlemyre makes the cut because he's the only Jay in the set who's wearing the dual color blue & white cap.  A few wear the pattern on their batting helmets, but I think those are pretty slick looking, and he's the only one wearing it in wool (or whatever fabric they were made of at the time).

If you know me, you know that I'm a big Fred McGriff fan.  This is a good looking shot of the Crime Dog patrolling first base (Olerud and McGriff - talk about an embarrassment of riches at first base), with the second baseman lurking in the background.  I think of him more fondly as a Padre, but he had some great years and great cards as a Blue Jay.  Fleer did a good job in showing plenty of catchers in their gear in this set, so here is Greg Myers decked out in blue protective gear, with a Ranger (Rafael Palmiero?) in the background.

Well, there you have it, another week, another "Best of the Set".  Voice your opinion on the left!  Two votes, one week!


  1. This is a tough one! There are three I want to pick. The Olerud has a classic look, with the oddball helmet on D. The Hill card is a nice action shot that prominently features '90s hair. And the Henke has a great psychedelic motion background with three defenders synchronously lined up behind him. I'm gonna vote now, though I'm not sure which will fail to make the cut...

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