Friday, August 16, 2013

Peña? Alejandro Peña?

I am currently sitting in my classroom at school and in serious need of a break.  I changed grade levels and classrooms (from 5th grade to 1st grade), which means lots of packing, lots of rearranging, and lots of... well, lots of other stuff.

To take this break, I'm utilizing a technique that I use in class pretty frequently: a timer.  What you are about to read (well, including what you've already read) will only take five minutes of my time.  I better stop introducing this and just get to the meat of this post.

When I was in high school Spanish class (I'm thinking my sophomore or junior year, but I could be wrong), our teacher told us that since we'd be speaking Spanish, we needed to have a "Spanish" name. Now, for my name, the most literal translation would be "Marcos".  Choosing this name would've made it pretty simple for my friends outside of class to know who other were talking about if we were in fact using these adopted Spanish names.

But who wants to do that?

I decided to go with "Alejandro" as my Spanish name, after Alejandro Pena.

Don't ask me why in high school I was still thinking about Alejandro Pena.  His last game in the majors was in 1996, and I graduated in 2002.  But for whatever reason, when I thought of "cool Spanish names", Alejandro popped into my head.

Crap, the timer just went off.  Adding another five minutes (my kids aren't lying, that does go fast)!

Pena is probably most known for being part of a combined no-hitter against the Padres when he was playing for Atlanta, as commemorated on a 1992 Donruss card.  No time for links, look it up yourself.

On the back, we have a carefree looking Alejandro, large eyebrows raised as if to say, "Me?  You want to take a picture of me?"  Reminds me of school photos where the photographer is trying to get you do do a particular head turn or look in a weird direction, and you just want to say, "TAKE THE PICTURE".

Pena was traded from New York to Atlanta during the 1991 season.  No time for stats or anything, I can see my time is almost gone.

Anyways, there is the story of me and Alejandro Pena two guys named Alejandro.  Happy Friday.


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