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I'm sure it might be a little ridiculous to have a blog devoted to a set that I don't have all the cards of, but I already have the base set, and the majority of the posts will be based on those cards anyway.  Don't judge!

Anyways, like I said, I have the entire base set, but I'm still trying to accumulate as many Henry Cotto cards (#448) as I can.  I also need...

Fleer All-Stars:
1 - Ryne Sandberg
2 - Barry Larkin
3 - Matt Williams
4 - Cecil Fielder
5 - Barry Bonds
6 - Rickey Henderson
8 - Jose Canseco
9 - Benito Santiago
10 - Roger Clemens

4 - Mark McGwire
8 - Mike Greenwell
10 - Eric Davis

Pro-visions Factory Set:
F2 - Rickey Henderson

Any of the wax box panels

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  1. I have 2, 3 and 7 of the black Pro-visions and 1 and 3 of the white. Any kind of Angels are always welcome.